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Following the chaos that ensued in the business world during the pandemic, the industry quickly rose back to its feet, as entrepreneurs swiftly adapted to changes, found new business solutions, or implemented innovative approaches in the already existing fields. Ultimately, it resulted in a huge boost to the post-pandemic rise of small and medium-sized businesses in the Emirates with a plethora of new opportunities and Ideas. Unsurprisingly, the UAE Government ended up on top of its game, providing advantageous regulatory solutions for business and catalyzing the industry’s further growth.

Of course, there are different types of company setups suitable for various types of business. Depending on the activities you prefer to engage in and the resources at your disposal, you can choose certain legal structures, business models, free zone or mainland setups, etc. But the key factor for success is analyzing the market and picking the business field that both matches your preferences and is in demand by the public. Here is the list of such business ideas.


With the explosive development this industry has received during the pandemic, the growth of online shopping continues, and creating an e-commerce platform focusing on specific niches or offering unique products can be a lucrative venture. As the logistical mechanisms adapt to the new reality and industry standards, the shipping and delivery of goods become easier and cheaper. Moreover, the constantly developing and expanding IT industry further propels e-commerce by creating new platforms and more convenient ways of interactions between businesses and their target audiences.

With a website and/or a mobile app, you can easily reach out to your potential clients, especially given the current power and potential of social media in terms of promotion and advertisement. More importantly, it’s easy for them to find and contact you, as today it only takes a couple of clicks and swipes to order almost any product online and have it shipped right to their doors. And as technologies and logistics progress, the opportunities for e-commerce startups continue to expand.

IT Solutions:

In today’s world, the IT industry is not only a giant business niche in itself but also a driving force behind the advancement of other industries. Be it website design, artificial intelligence, social media, mobile applications, big data, cybersecurity, or any other particular field, IT solutions accelerate technology and innovation across the board. So it’s no surprise that the UAE places a great emphasis on the development and proper usage of IT solutions to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the global economy.

With such a broad spectrum of specialized activities to choose from and the overall demand for digitalization, IT startups have a colossal potential for success in the Emirates. It is in no small part contributed to through the creation of several IT and tech-focused free zones, such as the Dubai Media City (DMC), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) with its Dubai Digital Park, Dubai Internet City (DIC), Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), and others. Such free zones offer cost-effective setup solutions and business opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to engage in this field.


With its superb geographical location, the UAE sits at the crossroads of global logistical routes and supply chains with direct access to several economic regions. In addition, with the growth of the e-commerce and digital marketing industries, the country has a huge demand for the development of internal logistics to provide quick and safe delivery of goods throughout its territory.

As such, opening a business focused on logistical services in the UAE is a very promising enterprise with a plethora of options. From shipping commodities to and from overseas to courier and food delivery services, this industry offers plenty of opportunities for both large companies and SMEs. In addition, the UAE hosts a multitude of free zones related to this industry sector with access to airports, seaports, and other transportation hubs, as well as a variety of warehouses and offices.

Real Estate:

The real estate market in the UAE is booming, with commercial, industrial, and residential properties being in high demand due to the country’s economic growth and increasing population. New construction projects pop up every day, and it’s no wonder that real estate is such a popular choice for upcoming businesses. From realtor services and consulting to property management, assessment, and inspection, the industry offers an array of business activities and a whopping amount of real estate projects to work with.

In addition, this is a very promising field for investors, especially in the residential sector. Given the huge amount of ready and off-plan properties on offer and the average ROI of 5-9%, with sufficient funds investing in UAE’s real estate can be as profitable of a venture as it gets.

Tourism and Hospitality Services:

The UAE has an array of popular tourist destinations. Dubai alone attracts over 14 million tourists annually, and this number continues to grow. There is no shortage of popular tourist attractions and landmarks in the country, so if you’re planning to open a business in the Emirates, consider traveling and tourism-related services, such as guided tours, travel packages, or unique hospitality experiences.

Despite the temporary decline of the tourism industry caused by the pandemic, it has successfully bounced back and is currently undergoing a renaissance, providing great business opportunities to resourceful entrepreneurs, massively facilitated by the country’s diverse mix of cultures.

Consultancy Services:

This is another massive industry sector in the UAE, incorporating numerous fields and business activities. Depending on your areas of expertise and preferences, you can engage in business consulting, legal advice, psychology, media, wellness and health, fitness, education, nutrition, and a plethora of other fields. It’s a great option for SMEs, as it allows for very cost-effective setups and access to a very diverse multinational customer base. In addition, UAE’s high-tech environment provides consultancy businesses with the means to engage with their clients online, which further cuts the required setup costs.

Healthcare and Wellness Services:

Medical and healthcare services are also in great demand in the Emirates. With the proper qualifications and equipment, you can open your own medical clinic, fitness studio, wellness retreat, or healthy food store. This industry is experiencing rapid growth in the UAE, as well as a shortage of qualified specialists, which is why this field can be a great choice for companies, individual professionals, and investors.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Businesses:

With a growing global emphasis on sustainability, businesses focused on eco-friendly products, renewable energy, or sustainable practices have gained popularity in the UAE. For example, the real estate market is getting increasingly focused on the sustainability aspect, with new residential projects offering power-efficient solutions such as the use of solar energy. At the same time, the growing life-quality level leads to demand for organic products, reusable commodities, and other goods, so there is definitely a market for these business models in the Emirates.

Food and Beverage Business:

The food and beverage industry in the UAE is very diverse. The multicultural aspect provides for the popularity of various cuisines, and the constant influx of numerous tourists into the country makes for a never-ending flow of customers. You could explore opportunities such as specialty cafes and restaurants, food delivery services, or unique dining experiences. The continuous real estate development in the country offers a wide choice of locations and setups to start and expand your business.

Entertainment, Event Planning and Management:

As an emerging industry in the UAE, the entertainment business, which includes event venues, nightclubs, and bars, continues to grow. The industry is experiencing a boom, which is in part due to Dubai’s popularity among tourists, but there are also many events held throughout the year in different parts of the country. The variety of entertainment types for both tourists and locals makes this sector one of the most successful business ideas in the Emirates and a great opportunity for SMEs to thrive.

Remember, the achievement of any business idea hinges upon conducting comprehensive research, grasping the local market, and adjusting to the demands and desires of the intended audience. It is also imperative to keep abreast of modern trends and legislative amendments that could affect commercial pursuits in Dubai.

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