E-Trader License

Have you ever thought of doing business online from the comfort of your home?

E-trading is an effective technique employed by business individuals and entrepreneurs to carry out business activity online by using various online and social media platforms, websites and marketplaces.


So the E-trader licence Dubai is a business license mostly required by sit-at-home entrepreneurs in Dubai to carry out their business activities online. 

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) introduced the E-trader licence in Dubai primarily to regulate the sales of products and services online. This was done to ensure the genuineness of those businesses. It was launched in 2017.

E-trader license is good for individual entrepreneurs who do not need to rent a physical office place to carry out their business. This licence is open to UAE residents, expats and GCC citizens.


Just like every other licence out there, Dubai E-trader licence has certain conditions to be met. Below are the key requirements:


Since E-trader license can be obtained only by UAE residence visa holders or GCC citizens, being an expat you need to obtain your UAE residence visa first.

UAE residence visa can be done either through employment, business ownership or investments. Another way is being a dependent and having a visa under the sponsorship of a spouse or a parent.

If you have one of those, you become eligible for the E-trader license.

It is important to note that the list of business activities allowed under the E-Trader licence differs for GCC citizens and expats. There are certain restrictions for expats:

  • Foreigners can provide only services under the  E-Trader license. Selling products is not allowed under this type of license. To sell products online, expats need to apply for a E-Commerce license.
  • Foreigners with a DED trader license are not permitted to run a fitness business. Importantly, this also includes personal training, yoga classes, or anything else that is sports-related.


Below are the benefits you enjoy having an E-trader licence in Dubai:

  • You have your trade name registered and protected.
  • The primary advantage of the E-trader license is that it promotes flexibility in marketing for the traders. So they can easily upload, sample and promote their products and their various services. They do it using their verified online profiles. All these they can access just at the comfort of their homes. 
  • On the other hand, it makes it convenient for the buyers and consumers. They simply have to look out for any product or service by logging into their social media platform or do the web search. 
  • Additionally, online transactions with those licensed entrepreneurs give people the assurance that they wouldn’t end up with fake products or frauds.
  • Also the E-trader license serves as a massive relief to the startup businesses. This is mainly for those who haven’t invested much to set up a physical shop or office to showcase their businesses. This also applies to those who feel their businesses are better off on the Internet platforms rather than in physical locations. 
  • With the E-trader license, one’s business name is considered legit and trustworthy. They can even attend training and activities hosted by DED. This also helps build trust between the business owners and both the existing and potential customers.
  • The Dubai E-trading license is also another medium to strengthen the economy and widen their reach to people in various places. This is because some find it convenient to shop online.

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