Expo City Dubai Free Zone

Expo City Dubai is the youngest yet one of the most promising free zones in Dubai. Situated at the site of the renowned Expo 2020 international exhibition, it embodies the spirit of innovation and global collaboration.

Expo City is not just a hub for business but also boasts infrastructure that supports world-class events, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs globally.

Within the precincts of the Expo City Dubai free zone, businesses can establish a new company, set up a branch or a representative office. Some of the outstanding features and benefits of this free zone include:

  • Modern offices with exquisite interiors
  • A great selection of on-site dining options with various cafes and restaurants
  • Conveniently located within a 5-minute walk to the Expo 2020 metro station
  • Ample parking for both visitors and staff
  • Seamless transportation connectivity without traffic congestion
  • A commitment to environmental sustainability with a car-free principle
  • Essential amenities such as supermarkets and pharmacies within a 15-minute walk
  • A sprawling exhibition centre that draws event organizers and visitors from around the globe
  • Competitive pricing for business establishment and office rentals

In essence, Expo City Dubai is setting the pace as a futuristic mini-city and free zone poised to become a significant landmark in Dubai’s landscape. Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of this free zone by establishing your office in Expo City.

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