DAFZA - Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone or DAFZA was established in 1996 and was built as a part of Dubai International Airport. It makes DAFZA one of the primary choices of businesses related to logistics and import-export activities.

DAFZA has a lot to offer to the businesses registered there. Numerous government services are available within the free zone itself:

  • 24/7 customs office
  • Notary
  • Banks
  • Telecommunication providers

It is one of a few free zones in the UAE which provides dual licensing with Dubai Department of Economic Development (Mainland companies registrar). It allows businesses to provide their goods and services to end-users while retaining a hundred percent ownership.


DAFZA has airport services that allow transport directly to 240 locations around the world.

As for the office facilities, DAFZA offers the following:

  • Flexi-desk spaces
  • Executive offices
  • Storage areas
  • Warehouses

All low-cost packages include smart desks that will allocate 1 – 2 visas per license depending on the number of desks rented. If you are renting an office, you will be getting 1 employment visa slot per every 8 sq. m of the area.

Office rental fees may seem higher than in Dubai Mainland, however, the fees include utilities. Offices are fully fitted and ready to move in. One parking space is included too.


Typically, you can stay in your home country during the company incorporation, establishment card, and entry visa-issuing stages, provided that you have visited the UAE at least once in the past.

Your personal presence is required for the medical check, Emirates ID application, and visa stamping. Your passport will be taken to the immigration office for stamping, and you will not be able to leave the UAE until the process is completed. Overall, including Medicals and ID, visa stamping takes about five working days.

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