SHAMS – Sharjah Media City free zone

Sharjah Media City or simply SHAMS free zone is located in Sharjah the nearest Emirate to Dubai.

SHAMS company setup is a relatively new way of business setup in UAE.

Emirabiz team, being business setup consultants in Dubai has been awarded by SHAMS certificate of appreciation.


SHAMS company formation entails getting a facility in this free zone.Flexi-desk does not come as a part of the setup package by default.It is recommended to have it for the sake of getting through compliance of the banks.

Overall, SHAMS facilities are the following:

  1. Shares desk (flexi-desk)
  2. Dedicated desk
  3. Shared office
  4. Dedicated office


It is known as the Media Free Zone, but the business activities are not related only to media sector.

In fact, activity list is very broad and includes:

  • Trading
  • Professional services
  • Holding and other types
  • Social media influencer

There are more than 120 activities in total. You can combine multiple activities in your license. SHAMS free zone company setup can satisfy the companies with any business activities.


Company registration can be done fully remotely no matter if you are in UAE or abroad, your company can be registered in a week’s time.

The documents you need to provide:

  • Passport copy
  • Phone number
  • Email

Sharjah Media City free zone allows the youngest age of the company shareholders you can own a business starting from the age of 19. This is a great benefit not available in any other Free Zones. Company employees can be as young as 18 years old, which is also quite unusual in comparison to other Free Zones.

All the documents of the companies are electronic you can print them out anywhere and may not worry about losing the originals. The documents can be always verified through SHAMS web-site to make sure they are authentic.


Company renewal just like the setup can be done remotely. Audit reports are not required by the authority.

Renewal fees are the same as setup fees. Audits reports are not required.


Sharjah Media City is quite straightforward with any amendments. The costs for the majority of them is 2,000 AED and personal presence is not required.

Amendments of the license will be free during the renewal.


Liquidation of a company in Sharjah Media City Free Zone authority takes about 3 weeks.

The price of the liquidation is 2,000 AED.

SHAMS is a great option for start-ups and developing businesses you most probably will be able to find a business activity, suitable to your needs.

Costs and visa slots are a good bargain as well.

Alternative option business setup within the Dubai Emirate would be a DTEC formation of a company in this media related free zone.

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